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How To Fix GM Tech2 Stopped In “Tech 2 post Ver 6.2”

January 19, 2019

My husband bought one of your tech 2 scanners. When we plug it in and turn it on it says system initializing. Then goes to a screen that says tech 2 post ver 6.2 if 10 items that say passed. It will not go out of this screen. I believe its not making connection with the card for the software.

I do have pictures of what its doing, these are the only image the tool gives me. It does this with and without the card in it. I have also attached pictures of the inside of the device where the card goes and the card. I believe they are not making a connection with each other .






Finally Solved!!!

I found that the memory card had a couple of plugged holes. I tried opening they holes up and was also able to straighten the pins in the tech 2 device. I finally got the card to connect with the tech 2 correctly and now everything seems to be working. Thanks for your help.

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